More Omics into Clinics



We answer all of your questions at the genome scale through WGS, WES and, targeted sequencing analyses.



We go beyond genomics by identifying expression levels, splicing regions, and genetic variants from RNA-Seq data.



We uncover the components of genetic and epigenetic regulations through ChIP-Seq and Methyl-Seq data.



We characterize your microbiota by identifying abundant microbial species and their phenotypic associations.

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  • Saliha Durmuş
    We founded PHITECH to build a scientific and joyful environment for us, our clients, and patients.
    Saliha Durmuş
  • Tunahan Çakır
    In PHITECH, we are moving beyond genomics by applying cutting-edge algorithms to extract information critical for diagnostic decision making.
    Tunahan Çakır
  • F. Erdoğan Sevilgen
    We are excited to work on bioinformatics, which offers state-of-the-art technology solutions for the benefit of humanity by bringing together two areas showing rapid scientific and technological progress, life sciences and computer sciences.
    F. Erdoğan Sevilgen

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